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Gotmail is a utility to non-interactively download email from a Hotmail account. It can download messages from all folders, messages from certain folders, or new messages only. There are options to delete downloaded messages or mark them as read. Gotmail can forward messages to other email addresses or save them as local mbox-style mailboxes.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  24 Apr 2006 00:56

    Release Notes: This release fixes the 0.8.8 error "Hotmail's page structure has changed! (redirloc)".

    •  06 Mar 2006 03:08

      Release Notes: A patch to help with spaces in folder names has been applied. A bug in allowing empty lines in config files has been fixed. The "gotmail4evolution" script, which transports one's Hotmail mail to a folder in Evolution, is included.

      •  11 Dec 2005 21:18

        Release Notes: The primary features of this release are a rewrite of the debug output and compliance of the script with common Unix-style applications where options from the command line do one thing well.

        •  24 Aug 2005 23:26

          Release Notes: This version adds support for running the script on the various Windows platforms. It has support for multiple languages. There are many new command line options, as well as several improvements with the packaging for the project. This means that it is simpler for distribution packagers to build it easily.

          •  19 Jun 2005 09:12

            Release Notes: The remove-header patch was merged. A patch to add a procmail-option was merged. A patch which adds an exclude-folders option was merged. Support was added for the various domains that are used for accounts:,,,,,,,,,,, and A user can now input these into the configuration file or through the commandline. A basic Makefile was added.

            Recent comments

            08 Nov 2005 20:23 glvgfz

            Re: Curl-ssl for windows

            > Anyone know where i can get Curl-ssl for

            > windows so I can run gotmail on W2K?

            > The url - mentioned

            > in the readme does not exist anymore :(

            For anyone searching for this, the website is

            10 Dec 2003 21:55 jfruetel

            Gotmail 0.8.0 on
            Since savannah is still in a coma, I've put gotmail development on


            The 0.8.0 beta is available there.

            So far, the reports have been good running against the 'new'

            09 Dec 2003 10:26 jfruetel

            Re: Great software but.....
            Hi all,

            My name is John Fruetel and Paul has turned over gotmail development to me.

            I have a working version of gotmail, but unfortunately, Savannah has been knocked out for a while. I've registered a 'mirror' site for gotmail on SourceForge, but it's not ready to go yet.

            So, I suppose, if you guys want to try my 'beta' version for the new hotmail, send some email to and I'll email a copy to you.


            > 0.7.10 was superb and work for
            > ages....but it
            > doesnt work anymore - i have email the
            > developer
            > but have had no response yet...anyone
            > else
            > having problems?

            08 Dec 2003 19:39 wgalway

            Re: Great software but.....

            > 0.7.10 was superb and work for
            > ages....but it
            > doesnt work anymore - i have email the
            > developer
            > but have had no response yet...anyone
            > else
            > having problems?


            Microsoft changed the hotmail site again.
            We will just need to be patient and wait for Paul
            address the issue.


            08 Dec 2003 15:46 moonbaby

            Re: Great software but.....

            > Work is being done.

            Thanks Mr. Cannon! I saw what Hotmail has done to their mail interface, looks like it will be quite an undertaking to get gotmail up to speed.

            Thanks for the ingenious perl script, after a year of use I'm still amazed at how well it did what it does.. here's hoping you can make time to get it working again.

            If you could use help from a perl novice, maybe menial stuff like changing hotmail preferences a few dozen times and grabbing some strings or whatever, let us know how, it would be nice to give back a little.

            moonbaby @@@ SBC global ... net


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