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Version 2.6.10 of GOsa

Release Notes: This release fixes some minor issues with the Samba domain info dialog, copy and paste of servers, list filters, and the phone plugin. It fixes problems with the "Do not deliver to own mailbox" flag and improves the PPD parser.

Other releases

  •  09 May 2012 22:15

Release Notes: This release increases the robustness and fixes incompatibilities with PHP 5.4, sieve and mail, ACLs for login restrictions, enhances the templating mode, and fixes problems with unsaved user pictures.

  •  08 Nov 2011 22:22

Release Notes: This release fixes an error when removing templates, fixes a navigation issue, updates the bundled Smarty, introduces sortable listing to ACL and POSIX dialogs, fixes a problem with mail-method parameters that were read from LDAP, adds a flag to allow modification of generated UID proposals, improves dyngroups to not write dynamic values back to the LDAP, replaces in_array calls with a method that uses strict matching, improves samba password hashing and its error handling, updated Kolab tab to use a sortable list for my networks entries, and fixes cleaning of FAI objects in LDAP.

Release Notes: This release unifies the password hook behavior, restores samba kickoff time settings, and fixes mail address checking and account expiration checks. Additionally, the ACL handling has been improved to be not so picky with user or group DNs with a case mismatch.

  •  20 Jan 2011 14:26

Release Notes: This major release comes with completely updated CSS3/HTML5 design. It provides fixed English wording, custom filter methods, unified and sortable lists, new reference tabs, and a new property editor that makes setup easier. Other new features include dynamic group settings, a new path menu, wildcard ACLs, fine tuned plugin hooks, and an improved robustness.

  •  20 Jan 2011 14:24

    Release Notes: This release fixes minor problems with non-escaped command line arguments in some locations, fixes an issue in the password handling hooks, adds lock/unlock events for users, and disallows certain Unicode characters in passwords.


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