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PHP GoogleMapAPI

PHP GoogleMapAPI is a full-featured Google Map API for PHP. Features include auto-geocode lookups, geocode caching, map directions, adding markers and polylines by address or geocoordinates, sidebar generation, and many more.


Recent releases

  •  20 Sep 2007 17:57

    Release Notes: A bug with "from" address directions has been fixed.

    •  07 Sep 2006 15:52

      Release Notes: The Google geo lookup has been updated to use the official Google geocode API. geoGetDistance() has been added for looking up the distance between two coordinates using the great circle distance formula.

      •  27 Apr 2006 17:32

        Release Notes: This release uses V2 of the Google Map API. Some behavior of ZoomEncompass has been fixed (it uses the map.getBoundsZoomLevel() function). The setBoundsFudge() function has been added. Parts of getMapJS() have been moved out to new extendable methods.

        •  31 Mar 2006 20:11

          Release Notes: Fixes a compatability problem with older PHP versions by changing print_r() to serialize(). Fixes a bug with the sidebar index counter. Makes map directions HTML more configurable via CSS and Javascript variables. Adds more error checking to Google geocoord lookups. Adds a fudge factor to zoom_encompass so that map markers are away from the edges.

          •  30 Mar 2006 00:14

            Release Notes: Info windows can now be disabled. A bug has been fixed with icon anchor positioning. Some Javascript variables were moved to global so that they are more easily accessible. All points and markers are now tracked in Javascript arrays. A bug with empty latitude/longitude values has been fixed. Some display issues with driving directions have been fixed.

            Recent comments

            28 Nov 2005 23:17 mdnava

            Nice tool

            This API was very nice to try, thanks for this tool, implementing Google Maps with this API is very easy.

            Mel (


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