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Google::Adwords is a collection of Perl modules that provides an easy-to-use object oriented interface to the Google Adwords SOAP API. You don’t need to understand SOAP or Web services to use it.

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  •  23 Aug 2008 13:41

Release Notes: This release adds support for v12 of the Adwords API. It adds the Google::Adwords::ConversionOptimizerSettings module. Campaign.dailyBudget has been deprecated. The budgetAmount, budgetPeriod, contentTargeting, and conversionOptimizerSettings methods were added to the Campaign object.

  •  01 Apr 2008 22:52

Release Notes: Support for version v11 of the Adwords API was added. All data object methods now return an array ref where expected. SOAP::Lite 0.66 or later is required. Chained set accessor calls now work for all objects. This will only work for perl 5.8 or later. The required data modules are loaded implicitly in the Service modules. The shrunkenUrl accessor was added to Google::Adwords::Image.

  •  04 Sep 2007 09:57

Release Notes: Support for v10 of the Adwords API. All methods that use geoTargeting now use the Google::Adwords::GeoTarget object instead of a hashref. Five new modules have been added for geoTargeting support. AdService.checkAds() has been implemented.

  •  10 Jul 2007 06:31

Release Notes: Support for the Adwords API version 9 was added. The inPST parameter was removed from AdService.getAdStats(), CampaignService.getCampaignStats(), AdGroupService.getAdGroupStats(), and CriterionService.getCriterionStats(). CreativeService is now deprecated; use AdService instead.

  •  27 Apr 2007 04:29

Release Notes: A bug for InfoService::getUnitCountForClients() was fixed. The order of the method parameters was important. t/perlcritic.t and t/perlcriticrc were added to include Perl::Critic in the build process.


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