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Release Notes: This release adds support for downloading podcasts that don't have proper feeds, but only lists of downloads on a Web page or in some exotic format (see the man page for the special syntax to use this). It adds a Makefile, the --clean option, and support for using LWP to download files. There are major code cleanups.

  •  03 Oct 2005 17:06

Release Notes: This release adds a --rmold function that allows you to delete N old podcasts (N is 4 or the number supplied to --files). --dry-run has been renamed to --no-download, and a new --dry-run option has been added that allows you to see what --rmold/--copy would delete/copy. A --stats option has been added that allows you to see some simple documentation concerning the downloaded podcasts. /etc/goldenpod.conf has been renamed to /etc/goldenpod-podcasts.conf.

  •  27 Sep 2005 14:37

Release Notes: Some minor changes to a few messages. An Ignore Pattern function has been added. GoldenPod will neither download nor --copy files matching the pattern (the pattern can be supplied both as a command line option and in the configuration file). The short options for some command line options have been changed (--copy is now -c, not -p; --files is now -n, not -i). The --nocat option has been removed.


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