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GoblinX Mini Edition

GoblinX Mini Edition is a small version of the LiveCD for GoblinX and contains only XFCE and some GTK/GTK2 based applications. The edition is indicated for those users whose want to remaster the distribution and who have difficulty with downloading more than three hundred megabytes of data.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  27 Jun 2008 16:36

    Release Notes: This release upgrades the kernel (, AuFS, SquashFS, Linux Live, and all GNOME libraries and applications. It upgrades all interfaces, scripts, the Isolinux menu, themes, and more. It adds several more features like Slik, Web mount, better save/restore changes, userspace suspend, file manager actions, and more.

    •  03 Feb 2008 20:06

      Release Notes: This release adds a Slax(Tomas) firewall. It adds more options to the Isolinux menu. The Gtkdialog interfaces have been rebuilt to not allow resize actions. A few errors and bugs have been corrected. Ghdcpd, Xrefresh, Gnome-utils, and Bluez packages have been added. Some libraries and packages have been upgraded, including Xorg-server. Some Sudo issues have been corrected. More services have been added upon boot.

      •  01 Nov 2007 12:36

        Release Notes: The entire system and packages were upgraded. All graphical interfaces were rebuilt. Squashfs with lzma support is now used to improve compression. Kernel and a more stable AuFS version were employed.

        •  10 Apr 2007 13:20

          Release Notes: AuFS was added and UnionFS was removed. Linux live, the kernel (2.6.18), and several applications were upgraded. Several GUI interfaces were added and others were upgraded. Software Master was added. All packages were recreated to work with dependencies when upgrading.

          •  27 Jul 2006 17:33

            Release Notes: Some applications have been added. Linux live has been upgraded (5.4.7). The from, ramsize, and noauto cheat codes have been added. This release upgrades liveupgrade and adds new features. Some scripts have been upgraded and corrected. A USB device manager and several special GUIs have been added.


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