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  •  17 Feb 2009 05:40

Release Notes: A stupid bug with the Tcl wrapper of the new constructors for interval, permutation, and threshold graphs was fixed.

  •  26 May 2007 03:39

Release Notes: This release adds several fixes for bugs which have been revealed by the current efforts at test automation. Most fixes concern the graph drawing functionalities.

  •  11 Dec 2005 03:49

Release Notes: The stability on some platforms has been improved by cleaning up general memory management faults. The build process has been revised with respect to private installations. Shared objects are used instead of statically linked code.

  •  21 Sep 2005 13:14

Release Notes: The makefile was revised and now supports private installations. A major bug in the planarity test was fixed: it correctly handles non-2-connected graphs now. The reference manual has been brought into line.

  •  21 Aug 2005 00:42

Release Notes: The TSP branch and bound code was revised. This has improved the performance of the symmetric TSP code, and the ATSP code was debugged. Now one can display Hamiltonian cycles, color classes, and node orderings by a circular layout method.

  •  06 Jul 2005 17:26

Release Notes: Several bugs in the min-cost flow solver have been fixed. A multi-terminal variant of the shortest augmenting path method has been added. The GUI has also been revised (alignment of slave windows and synchronisation of the label editor with other GUI functionality).

  •  20 Jun 2005 10:53

Release Notes: The matching code has been debugged extensively. Some GUI defects have been fixed.

  •  12 May 2005 23:24

Release Notes: A couple of bugs have been fixed, mainly in the network flow solvers. An excess scaling implementation of the max-flow preflow-push method was added.

  •  09 Apr 2005 19:27

Release Notes: The source code now compiles with gcc 3.4.x.

  •  27 Feb 2003 11:55

Release Notes: The memory management was revised. Several memory leaks have been cleaned up. A serious bug in the planar colouring method is fixed.


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Tools to access to a server's filespace and printers via SMB.


Project Spotlight

SIREMIS Web Management Interface

A Web management interface for Kamailio (OpenSER).