RSS All releases of GOBLIN Graph Library

  •  17 Feb 2009 05:40

Release Notes: A stupid bug with the Tcl wrapper of the new constructors for interval, permutation, and threshold graphs was fixed.

  •  12 Feb 2009 21:27

Release Notes: This release addresses perfect graphs: a linear test for chordality and co-chordality has been added. Constructors for permutation, threshold, and interval graphs are also available. BFS, the max-flow code, and non-weighted matching code have been revised, and now operate on the node color register (integer) instead of the node distance labels.

  •  26 Jan 2009 02:29

Release Notes: The Tcl API has been completely revised to conform with the method names in the C++ core library. Tcl commands now consistently support optional parameters. The HTML reference now covers all graph methods in the Tcl API. A constructor method for k-ary (cyclic) butterfly graphs has been added.

  •  13 Dec 2008 18:53

Release Notes: Several contructor methods for non-planar, regular graphs are now provided: Moebius ladders, generalized Petersen graphs, generalized Kneser graphs, and torus grid graphs. A couple of bugs in the layout code have been fixed. The Tcl API was further cleaned up and documented.

  •  18 Jul 2008 23:15

Release Notes: This release features several bugfixes of different areas, and a redesign of handling graph layout parameters. The Tcl interface has been cleaned up, and layout parameters are now associated with particular graph objects rather than the controller objects.

  •  08 May 2008 13:31

Release Notes: This release deals with several code cleanup steps. The module guards have been applied throughout the library. The layout methods now support the tracing mechanism (as the optimization code does). The HTML documentation now covers the code instrumentation.

  •  23 Mar 2008 16:13

Release Notes: This release mainly consists of code cleanup and documentation steps. New features include the constructor for Mycielskian graphs and some additional import filters from adjacency matrices.

  •  26 Jan 2008 16:17

Release Notes: The GUI now supports partial upload of the transcript file. This considerably reduces the response time after computations. It is now possible to step back in the transcript while computations are running.

  •  26 Dec 2007 14:26

Release Notes: This release features a general cleanup of the GUI, and several improvements of the arc and node display parameters: arc widths, stipple modes, and colours can be assigned independently from each other. The fonts for node and arc labels can be selected, and font sizes scale with the general zoom.

  •  06 Nov 2007 10:58

Release Notes: This release comes with a lot of bugfixes (several concerning core algorithms like weighted matching and min-cost flow) and code cleanup steps. The GUI ergonomy has also been improved.


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