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Release Notes: New tasks include: Commit MQ Session, for committing or rolling back the changes made in an MQ Session; MQ Retrieve Task was added to limit the number of messages retrieved; and Close MQ Session task was added to indicate whether the changes should be committed or rolled back before closing the session. New options include the Write CSV Task to indicate if Text Qualifiers should be applied to all columns or only to non-numeric columns, and the FTPS Task/Resource for specifying the alias of the certificate to use when performing client certificate authentication.

Release Notes: This release connects to enterprise Message Queues and also provides access to files and folders on Network Shares. It includes new wizards to set up monitors that can scan for new, modified, and/or deleted files in targeted folders. It automatically reconnects and resumes file transfers when server connections break for FTP, FTPS, and SFTP protocols. High Availability (HA) allows GoAnywhere Director configurations and logging data to be stored in customer database systems including SQL Server, MySQL, and DB2 for IBM i.

Release Notes: Testing and validation to receive VMware Ready certification was completed.

Release Notes: This version provides a connector for sending data using the AS2 version 1.2 standard. This includes support for multiple file attachments within a single AS2 message, synchronous MDN receipts, and message integrity verification. AS2 messages can be sent over an SSL tunnel, making it a secure option for transferring sensitive data. This version also includes Syslog server integration, advanced scheduling options, enhanced server certificate handling, and FTP checksum validation options.

Release Notes: Version 3.0 incorporates S/MIME digital signatures and encryption for email, Secure Copy Protocol, automatic processing of inbound email, enhanced logging, and version controls to streamline production upgrades. Excel 2007 translation and Flat File import were added to the existing translation formats for reading & writing Excel 2003, CSV, fixed-width text documents, and XML, eliminating the need for other file translation software. Version 3.0 also includes process controls, support for multi-part conditional statements, loops, delay operations, complex variables and advanced error handling.


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