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Release Notes: This release added new ciphersuites with Camellia, SHA2-256, and SHA2-384. A buffer overflow in the DANE library was corrected and several minor improvements were made.

Release Notes: Several optimizations related to packet processing subsystems, and enhancements for support of DTLS under other transport layers than UDP. Several small fixes.

  •  01 Jun 2013 23:34

Release Notes: This release adds small fixes to DTLS client hello verify handling, packet overhead size calculation, and a workaround for an issue with implementations which negotiate ECC under SSL 3.0.

Release Notes: This is a bugfix release on the current stable branch.

Release Notes: This release adds support for UCS-2 encoded DNs, improvements to smart card key generation, and a few bugfixes.

Release Notes: This release includes initial support for the DTLS-SRTP protocol, updates related to the new DANE library, and several simplifications to the existing API.

Release Notes: This release includes feature updates, notably support for the DTLS heartbeat message, and bugfixes in the current stable branch.

Release Notes: Several bugfixes and optimizations in the elliptic curve subsystem.

Release Notes: This is a minor feature update and bugfix release for the current stable branch. It adds support for an earlier version of DTLS used by CISCO's anyconnect vpn and other DTLS improvements.

  •  22 Apr 2012 18:42

Release Notes: PKCS #11 URLs support reading the PIN from a file. Updates in DSA, ECDSA, and Diffie-Hellman handling.


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BAR: backup archiver program

An archiver program with compression and encryption support.


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A modern task tracking application that follows open standards and supports tags, subtasks, and more.