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Gnusto is a Mozilla-based application which lets you play adventure games--specifically, the hundreds of games both modern and ancient available in the Z-machine format. It features a just-in-time interpreter which compiles Z-machine code to Javascript on the fly for speed.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  04 Oct 2004 02:49

    Release Notes: Users can now save and restore games. Versions 3 and 4 of the Z-machine standard are supported. Tighter integration with Firefox lets users load games directly from Web sites. Several small bugs were fixed.

    •  02 Sep 2003 11:23

      Release Notes: This version features support for Z-code versions 7 and 8, command history (use the up and down arrows to access recent commands), a more readable display, an uninstaller in Firebird, optional installation to the profile directory (allowing non-root users to install under Unix), and lots of other fixes and features. As of this release, most Version-5 games (with the notable exception of "Beyond Zork") should be playable and reasonably problem-free.

      •  26 Jul 2003 21:34

        Release Notes: This release adds the ability to load ordinary z5 files without using a separate encoder. Unicode is now supported for playing games in languages other than English. Compatibility with Mozilla Firebird was added. Screen handling was improved. Lots of little bugfixes were made. It should now be possible to play almost all version 5 ("Advanced") games.

        •  18 Apr 2003 20:32

          Release Notes: This release has a new screen handler which can render Z-machine displays much more faithfully than the old system. Many more of the standard opcodes have been implemented, and so it is able to play many more games.

          •  24 Mar 2003 07:18

            Release Notes: In this version, files load correctly under Mozilla 1.3. Various small errors in numeric comparisons were fixed. The interpreter engine was rewritten for efficiency. A simple debugger was also implemented.

            Recent comments

            03 Oct 2004 22:58 chrome

            Very cool ... but ...
            oh my god, the horror! Javascript?! WHY!

            Still, kudos for the effort!


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