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Release Notes: The startup time of the pasteboard server was reduced from few seconds to immediate. Help for the gdomap tool was fixed. An NSConnection bugfix and performance fixes were made. New methods and fixes were added in NSBundle. Notification center server fixes were made on BSD. A new property list tool was added, called "pl" (similar to the tool in OSX). Fixes were made in main menu handling and cell sizing. Application icon handling was improved. Table view, typesetter, and window fixes were made. Encoding improvements were made in the GUI classes.

Release Notes: A new XML parser was added. Integer handling in property lists was changed to unsigned long long to support bigger numbers. The distributed notification center was changed to explicitly use a socket port name server for network wide notifications. The encoding of stepper cell was fixed. Application icon searching in NSWorskpace was made more generic. Partial NSImage themability was added. Various fixes were made in the time zone, Objective C runtime, user defaults, and more.

Release Notes: Fixes were made in time zone handling. Handling of the alpha value in colors was corrected. A CUPS printing bundle was added. The formatter was improved. Window ordering on mouse click was improved. More key-value coding in GUI classes was added. New Objective C functions to get all and direct subclasses of a specified class were added.

Release Notes: This is GNUStep's daily snapshots branch.


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