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Release Notes: This release candidate includes an important bugfix for asynchronous I/O, a new and simpler syntax for calling C functions, and a port of the class browser to Gtk+ 2.4/2.6. The HTTP client now supports HTTP/1.1 chunked encoding. Important bugs in the sockets library were fixed. Bugfixes and portability improvements were incorporated from the stable branch, including support for 64-bit processors.

Release Notes: Several bugfixes were made for the JIT compiler. A working Java-to-Smalltalk bytecode translator (which does not support networking and reflection yet) was added.

Release Notes: This release features a completely redesigned bytecode set which improves performance by 20-40%.

Release Notes: This version features a new garbage collector, a rewritten interface to C, a debugger, a better IDE, compile-time resolution of namespaces, better error messages, many bugfixes, more class libraries, an Emacs mode for Smalltalk, improved portability, and much more.

Release Notes: This release includes a rewrite of the garbage collector, which is now incremental and generational. Usage of this release is discouraged if you don't intend to work on or peek at GNU Smalltalk's virtual machine, because this change could hinder stability. Keep using a stable version or 2.0d if you don't want to be on the bleeding edge.

Release Notes: In this release, XML is used to describe structure of installed packages. A new garbage collector facility, ephemeron objects, is used to reimplement finalization and weak collections. There is a widely improved GUI: inspectors were rewritten, and there is an almost complete debugger. The parser's error detection, reporting, and recovery capabilities were also improved. The compiler generates debug information. A Smalltalk bytecode-to-source decompiler is included.

Release Notes: This release includes all the fixes in the latest stable version. It adds support for dot-notation to resolve namespace scoping at compile time. Support for Processes has been improved, including single-step execution and per-Process interrupt disabling; also, a new RecursionLock class allows you to write code that is both re-entrant and thread-safe. Virtual filesystems for unzipping, untarring, etc. have been implemented. A library for numerical methods is included. The XML libraries now support SAX 2.0. The Smalltalk parser now has a test suite.

Release Notes: A complete code cleanup was done for the virtual machine, adding several hundred lines of comments, texinfo documentation for most of the included class libraries, reviewed TCP class libraries (prepared for IPv6 though not supporting it yet), a class library to support a few common Internet protocols (FTP, SMTP, HTTP, POP3), ANSI-compliance test suites, support for GNU MP, extensive usage of namespaces through a new Namespace Browser tool, initial support for virtual filesystems (à la GNOME), IEEE754 floating-point numbers, and lots of bugfixes and minor changes.

Release Notes: A Virtual File System layer was added for transparent zipping/unzipping of files and archiving of directories. Improvements were made in the performance of numerics, thanks to algorithmic optimization and bindings to the GNU MP library. Several thousands of test cases for the core class libraries were integrated.

Release Notes: Several hundred lines of source code comments have been added to the virtual machine. Virtual machine primitives are now invoked by name rather than being numbered. Some simple-minded data structures have been replaced with balanced binary trees. The garbage collection logic has been simplified by replacing many intertwined parts with more efficient and general basic blocks. There are some bugfixes for both the bytecode interpreter and the Just-in-Time compiler. Finally, the build system was upgraded to the latest releases of autoconf and automake.


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