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GNU Smalltalk is a free implementation of the Smalltalk-80 language.

Operating Systems

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Release Notes: This is a minor release, mostly consisting of bugfixes in network-related packages. It also includes improvements to the Emacs smalltalk-mode, fixes for platforms with 113-bit long doubles, and fixes to the C binding mechanism. The parser for the Squeak/Pharo format was updated.

Release Notes: Many bugs were fixed. gst-package supports downloading from HTTPS URLs. You can optionally specify a timeout when waiting on a Semaphore. SCGI support was added in the Swazoo Web server. Virtual machine performance was improved on x86-64. Starting from these release, bundled libraries (libsigsegv, libffi, libltdl) are never preferred over pre-installed libraries.

  •  31 Jul 2010 12:27

    Release Notes: This release included fixes to gst-remote and the Emacs mode. Generational GC did not work on the SPARC and is now disabled. When compiling a 32-bit version on a 64-bit system, detection of which packages can be installed was improved.

    •  25 Jul 2010 16:04

    Release Notes: This version includes mostly portability and testsuite improvements. Notable are bugfixes to the graphical interface (VisualGST) and to UDP sockets.

    Release Notes: Remote packages can be downloaded for hosted projects. A new browser based on GTK+ was added. A callgraph profiler was added. Incremental garbage collection was implemented. Many other changes were made.

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    28 Mar 2001 11:45 jeffcovey

    Re: Development download

    > Get the Development version at

    freshmeat allows you to create as many branches as you need under each
    project. Please use this feature instead of sticking
    (non-hyperlinked) URLs in comments; it's much more convenient for



    22 Mar 2001 12:53 bonzini

    Re: Development download

    > There is a directory --
    > that seems to contain some of the same stuff at

    Yes, because the stable and development branches have

    just consolidated into the 1.95 series. Versions leading to

    2.0 will be on only.

    26 Feb 2001 12:21 ianb

    Re: Development download

    > Get the Development version at

    There doesn't seem to be any such directory on

    There is a directory -- that seems to contain some of the same stuff at


    12 May 2000 02:34 hirosh

    Development download
    Get the Development version at


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