Version 0.9.8 of GNU pop3d

Release Notes: This release merges patches from the current Debian package.

    Other releases

    Release Notes: IPv6 and POP3S (using xinetd and stunnel) support. Installation support for systemd and firewalld. Less tested configuration for sysvinit, init, event.d, and single user inetd. Utillty Perl scripts for (stress) testing a POP3 server and making password hashes for virtual domains. make uninstall has been implemented. More robust child management (busy server, DoS attacks, and rare looping at login).

    •  08 Feb 2011 22:04

    Release Notes: Syslog has been changed to avoid hanging when debugging. Some login methods have been fixed. Multiple instances not used after some time are fixed. Support for detection of Atom processors has been added, and there is more support for service installation (/etc/init).

    •  26 Apr 2010 22:23

      Release Notes: The 0.9.11 distribution was missing the config.guess and config.sub files. A very old and rare bug has been found: simultaneous login to the same mailbox using the user home directory mailbox location might cause a glibc dump. It would overwrite about 4 KB of the beginning of the mailbox. However, GNU pop3d would recover all the remaining messages.

      •  19 Apr 2010 22:22

        Release Notes: This is a branch of the original POP3 program written by Jakob Kaivo. The major addition since the last freshmeat announcement is support for virtual domains. Bugs have been fixed and this release is more fail-safe. There are speed improvements, optional user Message Disposition Notification, POP-before-SMTP, UIDL, and 64-bit support. The server is still small, fast and reliable.

        •  30 Jan 2001 06:12

          Release Notes: This release merges patches from the current Debian package.


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