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Release Notes: The detection of keyrings specified multiple times was improved. Changes were made to cope better with broken keyservers. The "--openpgp" mode was updated to match the final OpenPGP standard RFC-4880. The older behavior is supported with "--rfc2440". A rare bug in decryption using the OpenPGP card was fixed. Several other minor enhancements and bugfixes were made. The license was changed to the GPLv3.

Release Notes: Several modules now handle "--default-key". New commands "--gen-key" and "--validation-model" were added. Bugs in card key generation were fixed. An encryption problem with duplicate certificates in the keybox was solved. Key generation now reveals less information about the host. Logging support in libgcrypt was improved. The license was changed to GPLv3.

Release Notes: Support for cURL based keyserver helpers was added. Public Key Association (PKA) signature verification was implemented. The "gpg-zip" program, to interact with PGP Zip files, was added. A new "minimize" command was added. A new "fetch-keys" command for retrieving keys from an HTTP, finger, or cURL supported URI was added. Support for fetching keys from DNS CERT records according to RFC2538bis was added.

Release Notes: Countermeasures against the Mister/Zuccherato CFB attack were added. Several card related options were added and bugs were fixed. A new experimental HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, and FTPS keyserver helper as well as an HKP keyserver using the cURL library were added. Options were added to control the import and export of unusable signatures, and for cleaning signatures from a key.

Release Notes: This release was ported to MS Windows. There were bugfixes and code cleanups.

Release Notes: This version updates Gettext, fixes a race condition, includes performance improvements for large keyrings, adds portability fixes, and includes extra command-line controls for controlling certificates and output.

Release Notes: This release added a new "--gnupg" option (set by default) that disables --openpgp and the various --pgpX emulation options. Two new %-expandos were added for use in notation and policy URLs, along with a new "tru" record in --with-colons --list-keys listings and a new REVKEYSIG status tag for --status-fd.


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