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  •  17 May 2006 07:48

Release Notes: This version incorporates lots of bugfixes and new features implemented over the past six months.

Release Notes: BeOS support was added. A "strange layout" in ext2 was fixed. Logical and physical sector sizes not equal to 512 are now supported. /sys/block support was added. A new "print" formatter, the "print all" command, the "print free" command, and scientific unit display were added. A core dump in the "rescue" command was fixed. The manual was cut down substantially and scheduled for migration to the prospective GNU Storage Guide.

  •  08 Jun 2002 00:52

Release Notes: Support for ReiserFS, MIPS partitions, progress meters, more interactivity, "this is the closest thing possible" rather than "can't do that" messages, and lots of other improvements.

Release Notes: User interface improvements, and major PedDisk API changes have been added.


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