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GNUnilink is a PIC adaptor that emulates a Sony Auto CD Multichanger, enabling the AUX input on the rear of suitable Sony car radios. This in turns allows the owner of such a radio to use these inputs for a portable CD or MP3 player. GNUnilink contains an optional serial link between PIC and PC. Button presses can be sent to the PC. The PC can set disk/track numbers/names and provide a real-time counter.


Recent releases

  •  12 May 2003 08:07

    Release Notes: The PIC can now support either CD or MD emulation, depending on the state of PORTA/3. MD appears to work OK, and gives Disk and Track names (with longname support). The serial outputs were also changed to match the PRJC MP3 player.

    •  12 May 2002 06:51

      Release Notes: This release features a largely shrunk codebase that can fit more features into 1K parts. It can now be confirmed that GNUnilink works with the XR-C33R in CD mode, including Disk Name, however, it doesn't work in MD mode. It also works with the XR-C500RDS which is hopefully indicative of other units. This unit also appears to work with MINIDISK mode, but is yet to display text names.

      •  09 Mar 2002 13:24

        Release Notes: Big changes to the layout of the file (and hopefully not too any bugs) have been added. The project is now split into a series of files to make editing easier. MiniDisk emulation has been started, although this does not appear to work with the author's head unit. Serial input has been adjusted to allow for up to 255 tracks when in MiniDisk mode. The receiving code has been improved to handle commands of all lengths; this is required to process the medium and long commands. The output serial names have been changed to be more generic. Some general formating and code optimizations have been added.

        •  08 Jan 2002 11:30

          Release Notes: Code for serial connections to/from a PC was added. This enables the headunit to send buttons presses to the PC and the PC to set the disk, track and counter. The disk and track names can also be set, but this is untested. You should be able to switch between numbers and text with the 'disp' button.


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