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Version 0.8.1b of GNUnet


Release Notes: This release fixes two issues that could result in the loss of content in the local data store under certain circumstances.

Other releases

  •  08 Apr 2014 23:14

Release Notes: This release contains the first release of GNUnet-java for the 0.10.x-series. It improves the documentation, including significant extensions to the Java developer tutorial. Various bugs that resulted in peer-to-peer connections failing and various crashes were fixed.

Release Notes: This release adds improved documentation, the application "conversation", a multi-process GUI gnunet-gtk, a tool to create GNS business cards, a tool to import GNS QR codes, use of EdDSA and ECDHE instead of RSA, use of ECDSA for GNS and identity management, indistinguishable KSK and SKS queries in file-sharing, the ability for F2F mode to use the "do not gossip" flag to hide existence from non-friends entirely, end-to-end encrypted mesh tunnels, flow- and congestion-control for mesh tunnels, an improved key revocation scheme, and improved query privacy for GNS.

Release Notes: This maintenance release fixes a few minor bugs.

Release Notes: This release adds support for non-anonymous data transfers over multiple hops (if both publisher and replicator are using an anonymity level of zero). It fixes various bugs and includes cosmetic improvements in the gnunet-setup and gnunet-fs-gtk user interfaces.

Release Notes: This release adds a few features and fixes a large number of bugs. It is largely protocol-compatible with GNUnet 0.9.3. It introduces flow- and congestion control for the multicast system, support for exit policies and exit discovery for the GNUnet VPN, support for tunneling P2P traffic over HTTP(S) with reverse proxies, and various performance improvements.


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