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  •  07 Feb 2011 22:45

    Release Notes: Calculates residuals when using the regression tool. Permits data entry by-passing autocorrection. Works around OpenOffice date formatting bugs. ODF import and export fixes. Adds EEK support to EURO and EUROCONVERT. Fixes locale-specific sorting, advanced filter, documentation of ATAN2, arrows and line object position when zoomed, series lines color export to .xls, sheet objects position on zoomed sheets, an array intersection problem with IF, a number-match issue regarding fraction, and problems with pivot reading from XLS. Allows version-agnostic template files.

    •  07 Feb 2011 14:16

    Release Notes: Fixes were made for selection, printing, button sensitivity in the sort dialog, ODF export, import of dib format images in XLS, the maximum for col/row number in the sheet resize dialog, image bounds in zoomed sheets, a crash related to broken xls, analysis tools problems when "as values" is chosen, a crash with large tooltips, text object clipping, a disappearing window for empty file, and ranges-in-expression criticals. An argument was added to FOURIER to separate parts. The TREND function was extend to handle multiple regression. Glade usage was eliminated. Sheet object lists and combos, sc import, key combos, and the quit dialog were improved.

    Release Notes: Image-fill, pattern, and gradient export were fixed. Fixes were made for reformatting of cells on expression entry. An ssconvert crash on form controls was fixed. Several problems highlighted by LLVM/clang were fixed. Date entry and inter-process paste were fixed. Improvements were made to ODF chart import and export, reading tab colors from OOo configuration in ODF files, importing and exporting all sheet objects from and to ODF files, multiple selection in the manage sheet dialog, ctrl-click specification of sort columns, printing of the form controls, reading and writing cell comments from and to OpenXML, the ssconvert man page, user-defined templates, and the test suite.

    •  09 Sep 2010 22:20

    Release Notes: Significantly improved chart export and import to/from ODF. Improved handling of corrupted ODF files. Fixes: percentage style import from ODF, INTERPOLATION documentation, button sensitivity in the sort dialog, some interpolation and periodogram issues, graph scalar data editor behavior, some confusion of char vs. xmlChar, elapsed-time entry, problems with limits for date axes, and errors in function docs. An improved warnings dialog in ODF import. Importer leaks plugged: sylk, XML, and ODF. This release extends the domain of IMPOWER. It allows the use of glib's memory profiler, and improves the function docs self-test.

    •  07 Sep 2010 09:22

    Release Notes: This release fixed WORKDAY, NETWORKDAY, and ODF import (including graphs), auto-correction when entering in ranges, width and height adjustments when entering in ranges and on paste, auto-fitting on data entry, scroll when selecting a merged cell, object dragging when zoomed, control point behavior when zooming, in-cell editing when zoom is less than 100%, a Win32 random problem, and an IMPOWER problem. Handling of corrupted ODF and malformed XML files was improved. Guppi graphs from Gnumeric 1.0.x can be imported.

    •  01 Aug 2010 08:56

    Release Notes: CONVERT, WORKDAY, NETWORKDAYS, HDATE, and similar functions were improved and fixed. The functions DATE2HDATE, DATE2HDATE_HEB and DATE2JULIAN, ARRAY, and SORT were added. Improvements were made to configurable text export of numbers, horizontal fill, function syntax tooltips, items of the cell context menu, presentation of examples in the function documentation, expression entry range selection, and more. Fixes were made for ngettext usage, undo text for sheet object duplication, additional undo entry for sheet object duplication, function docs issues, and more.

    •  31 Jul 2010 20:55

    Release Notes: The function syntax and formula guru tooltips were improved. Superfluous redo items are avoided under validation failure. A validation for array and range entry was fixed. Column widths are automatically fit in stf import. The table range is now ensured to be unlocked before allowing the data table to be configured. Any markup is also stored if entering text in several cells at once. HTML files with nested tables may now be read. Autofilter (and other) combo positions were fixed. Function syntax tooltips were improved. A problem with excessive memory use with xlsx was fixed. BackSpace was made to work as Delete on pane. Handling of MS-style HTML in the clipboard was improved.

    •  20 Jun 2010 19:22

    Release Notes: Function improvements: ACCRINT, SERIESSUM, LINEST, LOGEST, LOGREG, GEOMDIST, SFTEST, RANDLEVY. FORECAST, GROWTH, and BINOM.DIST.RANGE. STEYX. The addition of Wilcoxon Signed Rank Test tools for one and two populations. A redesigned define-named-expressions dialog. A paste-names dialog. A search tool for paste- and define-names dialogs. Fixes for tests for homogeneity and independence for non-square tables. Checks with the user before hiding all rows or columns or before pasting too many copies. Fixes for multi-line item edit selection. An evaluation leak has been plugged. Memory handling issue for dependents have been fixed.

    •  02 Jun 2010 09:37

    Release Notes: The Wilcoxon-Mann-Whitney test tool was added. An stf crash was fixed. The solver model type now persists. A non-linear solver was added. The code was changed according to GTK+ deprecation changes. A Win32/paradox problem was fixed. The page setup dialog was improved.

    •  01 Jun 2010 22:04

    Release Notes: This release includes version number in HTML export. It fixes autofill issues, a TABLE problem, date parsing problems for invalid years, and sheet order dialog layout. It handles "Jan 2010" and "January 2010" better. There is a linear regression test suite.


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