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  •  12 Mar 2009 04:41

Release Notes: Portability and display fixes, highlighting of more file types, and support for xdg-open, exo-open, and kfmclient. Documentation was re-licensed under the GNU FDL 1.3 or later.

  •  05 Jul 2008 08:31

    Release Notes: A new apropos command (^X^A) was included for key-binding search. gitaction was rewritten, adding more file types and viewers. Environment variables used by gnuit now start with GNUIT_ rather than GIT_ (eg GNUIT_PAGER, GNUIT_BROWSER, etc.). The old names are still accepted for backwards compatibility. Input in incremental-search mode was fixed. Base 1024 is now used when auto-scaling. Large file support was fixed.

    •  12 Apr 2008 17:49

      Release Notes: After a long hiatus, gnuit is now being actively maintained again. gnuit was formerly known as git. The file manager binary has been renamed to gitfm. This release also brings support for 64-bit IO, a host of bugfixes, and a few small new features.


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