Version 1.91 of GNU GRUB

Release Notes: Support for LZO version 2 was added. Completion is supported in the entry editor. VBE support was added. New commands include "search", "vbetest", and "vbeinfo". The BOOT_IMAGE option is passed to Linux. Support for automatic decompression for gzip was added. Support for terminfo and serial were added. Support for x86_64 was added. GRUB itself is a Multiboot-compliant kernel. New filesystems were added: XFS, SFS, and AFFS.

Other releases

Release Notes: The license has been changed to the GPL v3. grub-emu is now optional. Multiboot2 support has been added. A host filesystem has been added to grub-emu. There is filesystem support for NTFS, cpio/tar, and Reiserfs, support for ATA/ATAPI, update-grub and grub-mkrescue scripts, background image support in gfxterm, 64-bit CPU detection, grub-install for EFI, and support for a colored menu. This release has been newly ported to Efika, coreboot/LinuxBIOS, and OLPC XO. Loading Linux zImages has been fixed. GPT has been enabled in the i386-pc target.

Release Notes: This release numbers partitions from 1 instead of 0. For instance, the first partition of "hd0" is now "hd0,1" instead of "hd0,0". grub-probefs has been renamed to grub-probe, and supports printing a guest OS device name and a GRUB drive name. RAID and LVM support have been added. There is a new "echo" command. The disk API has been changed to support 64-bit addressing. A TGA loader has been added for the video API.

Release Notes: Several serious bugs in HFS+ were fixed. Experimental EFI support was added for chainloading and Linux loading. The "blocklist" command was added to show a block list. The --with-platform option is used to specify a boot environment. The filename "kernel.elf" should be used instead of "grubof" on ieee1275. GRUB is installed into pkglibdir instead of pkgdatadir. Environment variables are supported by the "export" command. "default" and "timeout" are now variables instead of commands. The "source" and "." commands were added to include a file. An experimental video API and a new "gfxterm" terminal based on the video API were implemented.

Release Notes: Support for the HFS+ wrapper was added. Major improvements were made to scripting support. Menu entries are now scriptable.

Release Notes: This release adds support for the GPT and Linux/ADFS partition table formats, a new command "play" to play an audio file on a PC, support for BASH-like scripting, and support for Apple HFS+ filesystems.


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