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  •  03 May 2007 05:40

Release Notes: This release adds optional priorities for gateway prefixes, the new switch "AcceptNonNeighborLCF", limited H.225-to-Q.931 code mapping (see H225toQ931), and new RemoveH235Call and RemoveH460Call switches.

  •  22 Dec 2006 01:45

Release Notes: This release fixes some issues larger installations had with call failover and should generally improve stability. Some of the new features in this release are virtual queue support for LRQs, support for canMapAlias for LRQs, syslog accounting module on Unix, status port filtering (suppress not needed messages), improved H.235 support, a new DNS SRV routing policy, improved support for NAT detection and handling, support for working with unknown neighbor gatekeepers, and the addition of registration priorities.

  •  23 Mar 2002 09:40

Release Notes: This release adds many bugfixes, authentication modules, a GkClient module, and CDR updates.

  •  12 Mar 2001 18:04

Release Notes: Bugfixes for interoperability with gateways and Netmeeting, config file is optional, and more documentation.


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