Version 3.0 of GNU Gatekeeper

Release Notes: Full support for IPv6 and gatekeeper-to-gatekeeper traversal zones are the most important features. RTP multiplexing allows all calls to work on a total of 2 sockets, H.235 password support was improved, and firewalls can now be notified when new ports need to be opened.

Other releases

  •  03 Jan 2014 01:40

    Release Notes: This release implements H.460.22 to negotiate TLS encryption as well as language-based routing based on the upcoming H.323v8. To improve performance, GnuGk can now be locked in memory, and a few configuration options have been added to further improve interoperability with other H.323 equipment. There are also a number of bugfixes.

    •  20 Sep 2013 00:05

    Release Notes: This release brings support for H.460.26 (RTP over TCP) and many new crypto features, as well as LDAP/ActiveServer support.

    •  14 May 2013 10:39

    Release Notes: Ths new version support H.460.18/.19 between parent and child gatekeepers as well as pre-granted ARQs. It also has a number of interoperability fixes and bugfixes.

    Release Notes: This version allows multiple instances of routing policies and supports additive registrations. It also has many bugfixes for high load situations.

    •  23 Aug 2012 12:42

    Release Notes: New features include SNMP support, H.460.17 NAT traversal, H.235 media encryption, and much more. This release also contains a security fix, so users of all previous versions should upgrade.


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