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GNU Image-Finding Tool

GNU Image-Finding Tool (GIFT) is a Content-Based Image Retrieval System (CBIRS). It enables Query By Example, giving you the opportunity to receive relevant feedback, thereby improving your query results. The program relies entirely on the content of the images to process queries, so there is no need to annotate all the images before querying the collection.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  02 Jul 2010 09:18

    Release Notes: The getCurrentSessionID method was added to libMRML. Fixes were made to work with AMD64. libMRML/cc/CAccessorAdminCollection.pre-cc is not used anymore.

    •  25 May 2007 08:10

      Release Notes: This version digests very large collections.

      •  04 Apr 2003 00:22

        Release Notes: Internationalization was improved, eliminating problems with umlauts in indexed files. Now expat is required to run GIFT. The Perl parts require XML::XQL and Text::Iconv. This release is not yet BSD-ready.

        •  09 Mar 2002 07:48

          Release Notes: Some exception cleanups, steps towards user authentication (server using multiple sockets), and fixes for some bugs with the make dist target were added. GIFT should compile without tweaking on gcc 3.0.2.

          •  28 Sep 2001 12:55

            No changes have been submitted for this release.

            Recent comments

            22 Mar 2002 12:35 toybox

            easy to setup, good results!
            reading an article in c't (german it-mag), I gave GIFT a chance the other day. while I'm quite novice according linux, it was quite easy to install.
            I fed the picture-database with about 1000 photographs of outdoour-advertisment-billboards, and, to my own surprise, the content-based queries did work to an enormous extent! the only down is the time it takes to create the picture-idnex/db - for this about 1000 pictures (very high resolution!) my p2-linuxbox needed about 6 hours...

            but anyway, if you are interested in content-based search-engines for pictures, GIFT is definitley a MUST!


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