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  •  06 Jun 2008 10:08

Release Notes: Native-only builds are allowed. Typographical errors in the documentation were fixed. A memory leak in native/jni/classpath/jcl.c was fixed. Web page updates were made. Fixes were made to pass the JSR166 TCK. awk is used to construct the classlist on building. A deadlock in Logger was fixed. A regression in java.lang.String was fixed. Classpath tools are allowed to handle @file options. parseInt is allowed to handle a "+" prefix correctly. The use of 1.5 language constructs was removed in the VM layer.

  •  16 Oct 2007 01:47

Release Notes: This release includes a new experimental GStreamer javax.sound peer (see README.gstreamer). There are also a few new minor features such as support for JNI 1.6, better support for the OpenJDK javac compiler and emulating the JDK tools, and much improved Escher AWT peers along with many bugfixes, including improvements to AWT and Swing support.

  •  18 Jul 2005 05:49

Release Notes: Fixes were made for XML DOM, XPATH, and XSL. Free Swing is much more responsive. JInternalFrame, JTree, JMenu, JTable, JButton, and JFileChooser fixes were made. FileChannel lock and force implementations were added. The logging FileHandler now rotates files. Clean locking and namespace were implemented for the gtkpeer library. System call interrupts and timeouts are now handled correctly for net and nio. Corba bugs were fixed. Lots of documentation updates were made. The VM Integration Guide now comes with a full section on the VM/Classpath hooks. The examples now include a Tree World demo.

  •  16 Feb 2003 20:09

Release Notes: This release supports free Java VMs including Jikes RVM, Kissme, and perhaps others out of the box, but please refer to each VM's documentation on how to use GNU Classpath with the VM. Additionally, this release supports GNU Crypto as the official provider of cryptographic primitives and tools, and the GNU Classpath Tools sub-project of GNU Classpath as the official provider of standard tools such as gjdoc, a javadoc replacement, and others. Numerous bugfixes and patches are included, and the distribution now includes pre-compiled and gjdoc API documentation.


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