Version 2.05a of GNU Bash

Release Notes:

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  •  10 May 2011 15:35

    Release Notes: New features were added in Bash and Readline.

    Release Notes: New features have been added to Bash and Readline.

    •  17 Mar 2009 12:20

      Release Notes: Several new features were implemented. New "autocd", "checkjobs", and "dirspell" options were added. The new "globstar" option for special handling of '**'' was introduced. Completion was enhanced. Bash will now retry on failure to spawn children due to insufficient resources. A compatibility level for behavior as in older versions was introduced. The "-b" (socket buffer size) and "-T" (number of threads) options were added to "ulimit". A "command_not_found_handle" shell function can now be executed when a command is not found. New '&>>' and '|&' redirection operators were introduced. Many other enhancements, also to readline, were made, and bugs were fixed.

      •  13 Nov 2007 13:30

        No changes have been submitted for this release.

        •  30 Jul 2004 09:50

        Release Notes: This is the third major release of bash. The features introduced in the intermediate releases following bash-2.05 have been completed. Support for the bash debugger (a separate project) has been integrated.


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