Version 0.4.2 of GnuAccounting

Release Notes: The bookkeeping now imports Starmoney data. Accounts can now be edited. The todo-button is now more than just the old records view. For example, it now shows installation tasks and invoices to balance. The "Customers" menu has been renamed "Business Contacts" and can also cater suppliers. Transactions (at least invoices) are now automatically booked (with default VAT). Some changes and bugfixes were made under the hood.

Other releases

  •  26 Nov 2013 01:10

    Release Notes: New features include a integrated barcode file renamer tool, OpenOffice 4.0 support, support for business lunches, and net income determination improvements. Gnuaccounting 0.8.4 is also more sustainable with SEPA preparations, allowing the user, for example, to specify a customer's IBAN/BICs. PDFs are now easier to pass to a customer and safer to archive with the PDF/A1 standard, and can contain additional metadata according to the DocTag standard.

    •  15 Aug 2013 14:24

      Release Notes: The payment process can now be automated with the BezahlCode standard. Search-as-you-type was implemented in account selection and importing orders from Magento online shops. OpenOffice and LibreOffice 3 are supported. OpenOffice 4 should run with manual path selection, and a workaround is available for LibreOffice 4 on Linux.

      •  17 Jan 2013 21:52

        Release Notes: This release has improved its asset and document management. Gleeo timer import, the selection of a bank account in bank statement import, and a daily balance in the account reconciliation window have been added, as well as support for multiple scanners, a document viewer, a document number "todo" feature, asset export, and extended and improved document number recognition.

        •  23 Aug 2012 21:14

          Release Notes: New imports and exports concern contacts (VCF), a new accounting frame ("jes EÜR"), and a new import format for banking data (German Volksbank online banking). Asset management has been improved, and there is now a list of past transactions (previously there was only a list of past bookkeeping entries). The document scan now evaluates barcodes. Writing and receiving invoices has been improved: with improved LibreOffice support, a selection of number of copies to print, and a “paid in cash“ option. The new assistant for incoming transactions allows you to easily book and balance incoming invoices.

          •  10 Sep 2011 01:01

            Release Notes: This release features openTRANS integration and ASCII-Export. Products can now have descriptions and units, the software works again in Windows XP and Vista, and numerous other bugs have been fixed, e.g. a freeze with multi-item invoices.


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