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GNU-Darwin aims to be the most free Darwin-based Unix distribution. Our mission is two-fold: focus on new projects that leverage the unique capabilities of Darwin/Mach, and help Apple users to enjoy the benefits of free software.

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  •  18 Jan 2003 15:36

Release Notes: The project is now considered stable. Some key Web pages were updated. The packages and software distribution system are now usable by anyone who is willing to learn the Unix command line.

Release Notes: In preparation for the upcoming Beta2 release, the ports tree for Darwin-PPC and Mac OS X users is bootstrapped so that it has over 2100 unique packages online (with over 2400 total).

Release Notes: OSX.1 users can now install the GNU-Darwin base distribution automatically with one command. Darwin-only users will have to take a few extra steps to fetch wget or curl. The beta sources are the first addition to the new BSD-style source tree. The project's goal is to eventually mirror Apple's Darwin source code in BSD src tree format. This release also features a new Fortran distribution for Darwin and OSX.1 users.

  •  21 Sep 2001 01:53

    Release Notes: We have a special ports tarball for GNU/Linux users, which does not require root access. It is not fully automated yet, but you can untar it in your home directory and try it.

    •  04 Sep 2001 13:22

      Release Notes: The X11 version of AbiWord is now available for Darwin and Mac OS X.

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      23 Jul 2001 15:49 Avatar proclus Thumbs up

      Re: Darwin

      > Was darwin itself BSD licensed
      > originally?

      Darwin has an amalgamated license scheme. Various parts have BSD and GPL style licensing, but Apple uses the APSL to front their trade secrets. Although APSL is OSI approved, we are advocating for Apple to FREE Darwin, according to the standards of the Free Software Foundation.

      All of the original code from GNU-Darwin will be GPL'd.


      18 Jul 2001 06:57 neroz

      Was darwin itself BSD licensed originally?


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