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gnotepad+ is an easy-to-use, yet fairly feature-rich, simple HTML and text editor for UNIX-based systems running X11 and using GTK. gnotepad+ was designed to have as little bloat as possible, while still providing many of the common features found in a modern GUI-based text editor.


Recent releases

  •  03 Jan 2001 22:44

    Release Notes: Fixes for three bugs with the message bar, internationalization issues, and inability to change some preferences.

    •  17 Nov 2000 19:00

      Release Notes: A fix for a bug in .spec file such that the resulting RPM built did not have include the locale (translations) files, and fixes for bugs where using the HTML table creation wizard causes a crash if a width value was specified.

      •  07 Jun 2000 19:23

        Release Notes: Fixes for an error in the .spec[.in] file which caused it NOT to build the RPM file and removal of an extra call to gtk_text_thaw() when saving a file which can cause cursor updates to fail until the next time the window is redrawn/refreshed.

        •  10 May 2000 22:47

          Release Notes: Some new features, much more GNOME integration (session management, libglade, popt), and various improvements and bugfixes.

          •  03 May 2000 18:32

            Release Notes: This release fixes a bug that was introduced in 1.2.1: if no text is highlighted and an HTML tag insertion is made, undo didn't undo the inserted text.

            Recent comments

            05 Aug 2002 03:05 learfox

            DND URL Parsing Bug Patch

            This is a patch for gnotepad+ 1.3.3, it fixes a
            bug in which the DND URL is not parsed correctly,
            causing a segfault:



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