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GnomeHack is a Gnome port of NetHack, the popular role-playing game based loosely on Advanced Dungeons and Dragons(tm). If you have ever played any role-playing games, you probably know how much fun they can be, and NetHack is the greatest (IMHO) of all the Rogue-like games.


Recent releases

  •  17 Dec 1999 16:34

    Release Notes: This release is synced to the recently released NetHack 3.2.3, several bugs have beed fixed, and multiple tilesets are now supported.

    •  28 Oct 1999 22:00

      Release Notes: This release fixes a few packaging problems, comes with an autogenerated .spec file that should work out-of-the-box, depends on bzip2, has a few minor bug fixes, fixes up some bugs reported via the Debian bug tracking system, and works just fine with the October Gnome release.

      •  24 Jul 1999 16:13

        Release Notes: Lots of bugs and crashes fixed, save games work correctly now.

        •  05 May 1999 13:46

          Release Notes: A lot of fixes and useability improvements. See the web page for details.

          •  16 Mar 1999 17:22

            Release Notes: Fixed a few crashes, much better key handling, widget focus fixes, much better and automatic installation, and a few other things. GnomeHack is now available as a Debian package as well.


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