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  •  30 Mar 2013 01:21

    Release Notes: With this release, it's now possible to set the gap between subtitles to be used when inserting or splitting subtitles. The character counts displayed when editing text have been fixed, as well as a number of issues with the subtitles parsing/writing engine. This release switches to GStreamer 1.0 and fixes Help menu items.

    Release Notes: This release features major enhancements: merge and split subtitle lines, view character counts, apply a reaction delay, play the video in slow/fast motion, and quickly adjust timings with new shortcuts. The FAB subtitle format is now supported, and the video automatically seeks on timings change. Bugfixes and other features are also included.

    •  31 Oct 2010 17:13

    Release Notes: There is a new feature for quickly setting times with a single button. It's now possible to periodically backup subtitle files. New features for video seeking and subtitle selection are also included: loop the video playback to the selected subtitles, seek the video to the selected subtitle, select the subtitle for the video position, and auto select subtitles as the video is playing. A bug when using the Synchronize All Subtitles option has been fixed, and activating a sync point now seeks to its new time instead of the old one. A bug drag-and-dropping files with spaces in their path has been fixed.

    •  20 Feb 2010 21:15

    Release Notes: This release features the addition of drag-and-drop support, the ability to set default options for opening and saving files, and an option to save the translation when saving subtitles. An issue when using "Sync All Subtitles" was fixed, and double-clicking a sync point in the synchronization dialog now selects the corresponding subtitle. It's now possible to edit spinbutton's time text up to millisecond precision. The subtitle text is wrapped to fit the video area. The default newline type was changed to Windows to improve compatibility with other platforms. Multiple bugs were fixed.

    •  18 Jul 2009 19:46

      Release Notes: This release brings the possibility to open audio files for subtitling. The default selection type in the Timings Adjust and Shift dialogs was changed. Two crashes were fixed: opening a video with Frames mode selected and opening the Preferences dialog.

      •  21 Jun 2009 23:54

        Release Notes: This release bring the long-awaited feature for easily synchronizing times based on sync points. The user interface is now more polished. The application now associates with common subtitling files for opening. A dialog has been added to seek the video to a specified position. Replace All now replaces translations too, and Matroska Video files are now listed. The playback engine has been refactored for performance. Multiple bugs were fixed and translations added/updated. SubLib has been merged into the project so that it's no longer a dependency, and neither is gnome-sharp.

        •  11 May 2008 16:19

        Release Notes: This release brings support for spell checking as well as the following subtitle formats: AQ Title, MacSUB, Sofni, SubCreator 1.x, and ViPlay Subtitle File. Video previewing now allows you to show the translation with the video, along with the original subtitles. A crash that happened when closing the Encoding Selection dialog has been fixed. The auto-detection of subtitle formats has been improved.

        •  06 Jan 2008 17:19

        Release Notes: This release fixes some compilation warnings and includes an updated About dialog. Translations have been updated for the Arabic and Occitan languages.

        •  15 Dec 2007 23:44

        Release Notes: This release fixes a bug with compilation failing on 64-bit machines, as well as a crasher bug that happened when changing to Frames mode after startup. The man page was updated. The program launcher was updated to use libdir in order to work on 64-bit machines. The translation credits in the About dialog were updated.

        •  30 Oct 2007 02:46

        Release Notes: This release features a transition to GStreamer for video playback, replacing MPlayer. It also features support for the following subtitle formats: Adobe Encore DVD, DKS Subtitle Format, Karaoke Lyrics LRC, Karaoke Lyrics VKT, Panimator, Phoenix Japanimation Society, and Power DivX. Video-related keyboard shortcuts were added. Ogg video files are now shown in the File and Video Open dialogs, and different subtitle formats now share similar headers, when edited.


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