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GNOME Schedule is a system schedule maintenance tool. It has support for the cron and at scheduling systems. It aims to be as HIG compatible as possible. The target is to provide any sane desktop user with a tool to maintain the scheduling of his or her desktop tasks, while not requiring an understanding of the cron or at subsystems.

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  •  13 Dec 2006 05:11

Release Notes: This version uses data files to save extended at and crontab data like titles and icons for the task. The crontab parser has been ported from vixie-cron. The new way of doing these things should fix many earlier problems with parsing. Many bugs have been fixed.

  •  03 Jan 2006 10:48

Release Notes: This release contains many bugfixes and is considered stable; it has been tested and developed on a variety of distributions, like Gentoo, Ubuntu, Slackware, foresight, Fedora, and so on. It supports the most popular cron daemons, vixie-cron and dcron. It uses one of the standard date formats for 'at', so it should work on most locales. An applet where you can choose from an drop-down menu to add a task, manage tasks, and get help. A completely rewritten manual with fancy screenshots. Refreshing of tasks. Some smaller changes.

  •  13 Aug 2005 02:44

Release Notes: Many changes were made.

  •  12 Oct 2004 08:20

Release Notes: This version supports the "at" daemon, titles, and icons presets.


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