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GNOME Breakout

GNOME Breakout is an implementation of the old arcade game Arkanoid. It supports mouse and keyboard control, multiple difficulty levels, various nifty powerups, exploding blocks, and customizable levels.

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  •  19 May 2004 07:15

Release Notes: The GNOME and GTK specific portions of the code were updated to replace all deprecated references with their more recent equivalents.

  •  07 Apr 2001 05:17

Release Notes: Fixed a minor next level powerup bug, re-authored the block graphics.

  •  11 Feb 2001 08:35

Release Notes: This release fixes a couple more focus issues, repairs minor scores permission problems, and includes a couple of usability patches and rewritten pause code.

Release Notes: Bounce entropy, improvements to pause/focus code, new powerups, new block types, and customisable levelfiles.


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