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gNewt is a GTK+-based window and widget library designed for writing applications with a simple, but user-friendly, interface under X. gNewt provides the same feature set as newt does, and the first goal of gNewt is to be compatible with newt.


Recent releases

  •  13 May 2000 06:14

    Release Notes: Improvement of gNewt extensions (background XPM, window XPM, button XPM, colors, and multiple top windows), some sample apps, and a complete source code re-organization.

    •  25 Apr 2000 02:46

      Release Notes: A fix for a scale draw problem with whiptail, some workarounds for whiptail, a first draft for gNewt-specific extensions to add a picture on the background, sending a child process SIGKILL if it uses exit() to avoid a GDK problem, use of listbox to select the current item during redrawing, and new functionality in suspend/resume to hide the main main window and ignore some signals.

      •  21 Apr 2000 21:28

        Release Notes: Ports for some fixes from newt-0.50.8, fixes for a redraw problem in Textbox, a bug in countItems, and a bug in listBoxDestroy, a workaround in newtOpenWindow for whiptail windows placement, removal of fixed fonts, and addition of real rc style support.

        •  31 Dec 1999 22:49

          Release Notes: Initial freshmeat announcement; bugfixes for whiptail, and XIM protocol compliance.


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