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Version 2.4.2 of Gmsh

Release Notes: This release features extensive solver code refactoring and better IDE integration.

    Other releases

    •  07 Feb 2014 21:04

      Release Notes: This release provides better reproductibility for 2D meshes, a new mandatory 'Name' attribute to define onelab variables, and small improvements and bug fixes.

      •  29 Sep 2013 13:10

        Release Notes: This release introduces a new quick access menu, multiple view selection in the GUI, more powerful animation creation, and many small enhancements and bug fixes.

        •  09 Jul 2013 19:15

          Release Notes: This release introduces an improved Delaunay point insertion algorithm, a better fullscreen mode, Unicode support, new experimental features (mesh adaptation, embedded surfaces, text rendering, etc.), and a number of bugfixes.

          •  12 May 2013 01:56

            Release Notes: This release improves the Delaunay point insertion algorithm, enhances Abaqus and UNV export, and fixes various bugs.

            •  09 Mar 2013 09:31

              Release Notes: This release introduces a new single-window GUI with a dynamically customizable widget tree, faster STEP/BRep import, arbitrary size image export, faster 2D Delaunay/Frontal algorithms, and a full option viewer/editor. Many bugs were fixed.


              Project Spotlight


              A modular live environment.


              Project Spotlight


              An image viewer and organizer.