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Gnome Run Program Utility

gmrun provides a small window which lets you launch programs by typing their names. It features tab completion similar to bash or Emacs. It can complete program names from $PATH, or if the command starts with "/" it will complete file names. It provides a command history of configurable size, as well as the ability to perform forward/backward searches through the command history. gmrun was developed as a replacement for the Gnome Run program.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  09 Jul 2003 00:30

    Release Notes: This release compiles with GTK 2.x. Note that the code is NOT compilable with GTK 1.x anymore. Version 0.8.1 was the last version that supported GTK 1.x. There are also some bugfixes and a new feature that allows disabling files starting with "." (dot) to appear in completion (see configuration opetion ShowDotFiles).

    •  18 Aug 2002 12:49

      Release Notes: The Home, End, and similar keys now behave correctly and also clear the selection. A major bug with the extension handler was fixed: you can now use another program to open some file that has an extension handler. The previous version only allowed you to use the extension handler.

      •  16 Aug 2002 13:16

        Release Notes: Extension handlers have been implemented. This allows a file to be run by a program which is chosen based on the file's extension. A partially typed command can now be automatically completed after a timeout since the last key press. This is disabled by default. You can choose to run all commands with the system() function from libc. hite-space characters now behave correctly in file name completion. Other minor bugs were fixed.

        •  20 Oct 2001 17:24

          Release Notes: This release adds a last history item which appears selected as a default command, and an AlwaysInTerm configuration option (for commands that will always be executed in a terminal, regardless of whether it's fired by ENTER or CTRL+ENTER). Ordering of completion items is now correct, and URLs are allowed as parameters to programs.


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