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GMAMEUI is a front-end for MAME on Linux. It helps the user play and configure arcade games more easily. GMAMEUI is an enhancement of GXMame, fixing a number of long-standing bugs, including adding support for SDLMame in preference over the now-obsolete X-MAME. New UI features were also added.


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  •  25 Oct 2009 09:30

    Release Notes: Support was added to dynamically find PNG effect files. Enhancements were made to the ROM Info dialog. Bugs were fixed.

    •  29 Aug 2009 19:18

      Release Notes: Many UI changes were made, particularly around adding new directories and for startup. The translations for French, German, Chinese, and Polish were updated. This version moves the configuration files to the XDG standard ~/.config/gmameui, so it will require the gamelist to be rebuilt.

      •  04 Jul 2009 09:19

        Release Notes: A new GMAMEUI Preferences option was added for prefering either custom icons (using or status icons. Broken legacy XMAME option handling was fixed. A French translation was included and the Italian and Portuguese translations were updated. Non-GPL zip handling code was replaced. Some compilation and runtime GTK+ warnings were fixed.

        •  21 Apr 2009 11:50

          Release Notes: The Directories window warns if no ROM or MAME executable was chosen. The user is prompted if no executable or ROM path is set when closing the Directories window. A segfault on startup if there is no .gmameui directory was fixed. If no MAME executables are defined when starting, the user is prompted to open the Directories window. When switching to a different MAME executable, the user is prompted to rebuild the gamelist. A Swedish translation was added.

          •  29 Mar 2009 11:17

            Release Notes: Options that are not supported by the current MAME version are disabled in the options dialog. Support was added for additional command-line options up to 0.127. Various code fixes and cleanups were made.


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