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glTron is a tron-like lightcycle game with a nice 3D perspective. 3D acceleration is recommended.

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  •  05 Dec 2005 22:10

Release Notes: This release includes a new AI that actively tries to cut you off, two new Gameplay modes, better handling of .ini files (versioning and protection against partly written files), a simplified GUI, and various other bugfixes.

  •  02 Jan 2003 08:37

Release Notes: Changes include better and faster shadows, red outlines on the recognizer, better 3D sound effects, sound effects for the player's lightcycle, sound effects for the recognizer flying overhead, support for 'switching songs' (i.e. adding your own music), MP3 support, joystick support, a better 2D map (with 3 sizes), and more intuitive config options.

  •  15 Apr 2001 16:21

Release Notes: This version has been well tested and should be considered stable. Major changes include new camera controls, use of the mouse to tweak/rotate/zoom, a simplified menu structure, graphical installer, vastly better visuals due to lighting & shadows, fixes for many rendering artefacts, recognizers, new textures / create your own sets, 3D positional sound & doppler effects, more movie-like default, and much stronger AI options.

  •  30 Jan 2001 06:12

    Release Notes: Rewritten computer player, new skill levels, different arena sizes and speeds, experimental speed oscillation, configure players (human, computer, none), a very cool new model, levels-of-detail for the model, configure keyboard controls (not saved between games yet), volume settings for music/fx in the Audio menu, new wall & floor texture, sound effects, trail decals on solid trails, trail bow before cycle, a new GUI background, dynamic menu, a screenshot function, fix for the lightcycle going backwards, an arena overview camera mode when dead, GNU autoconf, and textures in PNG format.

    •  30 Jan 2001 06:12

      Release Notes: More eye candy, including exploding lightcycle, 'crash'-texture', bilinear filtering, new menu background & logo, fading explosion debris, lightcycle does now turn smoothly (doesn't look right, but funny nonetheless), and a new floor texture; other useful changes are new switches to capture the mouse (useful for Voodoo1/2 owners) and disabling the lightcycle/crash texture (for slow machines), and fixes for some of the more obvious bugs.

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      06 Apr 2001 09:14 Dublet

      Superb game
      This really is a quite superb game, I enjoy playing it,

      but a hardware accelerated graphics card really is

      nessecairy to run it smoothly. But if you have a fast

      card then this is THE tron game for you.


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