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GLT OpenGL C++ Toolkit

Glt is a library of C++ classes and routines for programming interactive 3D graphics with OpenGL. The aim of Glt is to augment the OpenGL API with convenient mechanisms for manipulating the OpenGL state machine. Glt is a work in progress, and by no means covers the entire OpenGL specification. However, it already includes several useful classes and is designed so that additional classes can be added easily. In addition to Glt, the GlutMaster classes provide C++ wrappers for the GLUT API.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  08 Sep 2003 15:30

    Release Notes: Miscellaneous bug fixes and minor enhancements were made. Full support for the MS .NET compiler was added. Full support for the MingW32 compiler under Cygwin was added. Some incompatibilities with the previous release candidate were fixed. The code now builds (nearly) cleanly using -Wall and -pedantic.

    •  31 May 2003 16:19

      Release Notes: Additional refinements were made. Makefiles have been reorganised and documented, the 3D Studio (3DS) loader was revamped, and many -Wall compiler warnings were resolved.

      •  13 May 2003 01:16

        Release Notes: Bug fixes, Perlin Noise, FBM and Turbulence, JPEG support, initial Quake3 MD3 support, large textures and image slide shows, optional wide-string support, and improvements to the documentation.

        •  05 Nov 2002 04:46

          Release Notes: Minor feature enhancements, some bugfixes, and some incompatibility fixes with 0.6 were made. It compiles on gcc 3.2 (Red Hat 8.0) and gcc 3.0 on SGI IRIX. VRML style background nodes and VRML parser enhancements were added. Miscellaneous bugfixes were also made.

          •  07 Jun 2002 03:02

            Release Notes: A Windows screen saver mode and support for PNG image reading/writing was added. GlutWindow now uses OnOpen() and OnClose() for OpenGL initialisation and cleanup. A large collection of pre-defined colours and a templated circular buffer class were added. The zLib library was updated to resolve a security issue.


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