Version 0.9.17 of GLSOF-Queries

Release Notes: This version uses gconf for 'settings' save/load. It adds 'settings' management (as a gnome-terminal profiles list). There is new re-styling for every interface (libglade). A search was added to the output (actually only for single- layer-table). A popup menu was also added. Autorefresh is now included in the main interface.

Other releases

  •  19 Feb 2010 01:19

Release Notes: This release changes the application language from C to Java using SWT libraries, while keeping the main features of the old code. It has been split into two applications, Glsof-Queries and Glsof-Filemonitor.

  •  08 Apr 2009 20:27

    Release Notes: This release has been created from SVN rev 22. The C version will be not maintained anymore. SVN rev 22 was made in the first months of 2007, but it compiles and works under Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope. The project has moved from C to Java for future releases.

    Release Notes: Including an entry for an lsof path and the related dialog now returns information about lsof.

    Release Notes: This release adds messages on the status bar for query and single process. It adds debug output with 'WARNING' messages by lsof. It adds an option in "Prerences" for refreshing at start. It fixes a bug for 'network-query' (-i). It fixes a glsof.desktop/intltool bug. It has a new splashscreen image and new icon (48x48). It has a sensitive search bar if at least a row exists.

    •  24 Dec 2005 04:04

    Release Notes: Many important bugfixes were made. It is now possible to delete or rename the 'Default' query and add a query with spaces in the title. The 'New Query' dialog now only allows alphanumeric characters and spaces. 'Autorefresh' and 'Refresh' now work. Minor bugs were fixed.


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