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GNU glpk

The GLPK package is intended for solving linear programming (LP) and mixed integer linear programming (MIP) problems. It is a set of routines organized in the form of a library and written in the ANSI C programming language.


Recent releases

  •  02 Jul 2010 09:21

    Release Notes: The suffixes .lb, .ub (lower and upper bound), .status (in the solution), .val (primal value), and .dual (dual value) were implemented in MathProg. It also allows comment records (marked by # in the very first position) in CSV files read with the table statements. They can appear only in their beginning. The glp_cpp API routine to solve the critical path problem was added and documented.

    •  25 May 2007 08:05

      Release Notes: A number of basic GLPK API routines were renamed, keeping downward compatibility. glp_version, glp_term_hook, and glp_mem_usage were added. glpk.h was renamed to conform to C++ environments.

      •  14 Apr 2006 12:12

        Release Notes: An advanced MIP solver was implemented. Three built-in functions were added to MathProg (sin, cos, atan). Some bugs were fixed. New examples on MathProg were included.

        •  02 Aug 2005 06:14

          Release Notes: The core simplex method and interior-point method routines were reimplemented and now use a new "storage-by-rows" sparse matrix format (unlike previous versions where linked lists were used to represent sparse matrices). A minor bug was fixed in the lpx_read_cpxlp API routine.

          •  29 Oct 2004 13:08

            Release Notes: The branch-and-bound solver has been completely re-implemented. New statements for the MathProg language have been implemented. New API routines have been added. Support for the free MPS format has been added. DELI and JNI modules have been removed due to licensing problems.


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