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GLOBE_3D is a real-time 3D engine. It features unconditionally portable sources (one set of sources for all platforms), real-time rendering (fast with a 3D hardware-accelerated graphics card), full eye movements and rotations, display of combinations of colors, materials, and textures, transparency, multiple area rendering with the portal technique (e.g. for inner scenes), collision detection, binary space partition (BSP), input-output of 3D objects or groups of objects linked to each other by portals, easy management of resources like textures (.bmp and .tga), BSP trees, and objects stored in .zip files, screenshots (.bmp) and video captures (.avi), multi-view support, and vectorized geometry support.

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  •  09 Aug 2010 09:14

Release Notes: A compose_rotations boolean field has been added to the type Camera; now camera rotations can meaningfully be used in an environment with gravity (fixed axes) or in a 0-gravity one (free axes). A bug in the video capture has been fixed. The demo now includes a nice Airbus model.


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