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24 Mar 2005 00:21 iw3gtf

Very nice image viewer!
That's my image viewer of choice! Essential and clean GUI, verrry fast image zoom and pan with mouse, browse/preview/select window and, even more, keystrokes, that means quick and precise operations at the cost of a minimal training.

Hope that theese guidelines will never change in future versions.

07 Jan 2005 19:40 darkangel

Probably the best viewer for linux..

Excellent non bloated gui and keycontrols. This is the sort of program you use for fast image browsing done the way you want it. This is one of those programs that manages to have a very broad featureset, whilst being small, fast, and emitting that "well written piece of software" feel at all times.

08 Mar 2002 15:35 jarrodj

Best viewer...
I have never seen a cooler image viewer anywhere. Is a bit faster than even qiv, my previous favorite, and the navigation and zooming is great (especially for reading manga scans :)

It doesn't have a fancy gui interface, but it really doesn't need it.

30 Apr 2001 08:45 toastie

A small nice viewer
Compiles and runs fine on my nVidia card (with

proprietary drivers). Zooming can be done with the

mouse wheel, and the zoomed picture is hardware

antialiased (very fast), so that you'd never see

single pixels.


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