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Glimmer is an all-purpose programmer's editor for Linux. Features include revert, find/replace, goto line, syntax highlighting, multiple-level undo/redo, tear-away windows, quick access popup menu, auto-indenting, Python scripting support, and many other standard editor features.


Recent releases

  •  02 Aug 2004 14:25

    Release Notes: A tab-completion crash in the file dialog was fixed. Paned-window cycling/focus issues were fixed. The bookmarks script was updated.

    •  09 Nov 2001 23:22

      Release Notes: A small Python scripting API change to allow for multiple objects in a paned section of the main window (via a notebook interface), some new menu items for easier keyboard navigation, a new Python-based interface for 'global', a new key-press-event option for Python scripting purposes, an option to "Select to matching bracket", improved highlighting support (backported from glimmer2), lots of code and UI improvements in gnome-file-selector, and fixes/changes/improvements in the printing code.

      •  27 Jul 2001 15:00

        Release Notes: Splash screen with icon and text progress indicators was added. Keybindings for Scripts menu items are now saved. A new API for adding items to the main glimmer window was added. The FileSelector was fixed to use the new paned window API. Other UI improvements were made. Major fixes were made in the code organization. DnD support for directories (including recursive opening) was added, and some Insert menu items were added to the popup menu.

        •  10 Jul 2001 14:00

          Release Notes: The color for the gutter area can now be selected, instead of using the bracket match color. An "Insert Color" dialog with selection parsing was implemented. Dialog confirmation for URI drops was added, as well as an error dialog for directory drops. Drag'n'Drop support from various color selection widgets (Gimp, gcolorsel, etc.) was added. Some small GtkExText cursor calculation bugs were fixed. Proper window sizing for GdsTearAway when tearing away windows was added. Auto-indenting code was added to php.lang from the c.lang.

          •  07 Jul 2001 21:30

            Release Notes: The radio menu items in the highlightbar have been changed to regular menu items.Some focus code when changing files with tear-away windows around has been cleaned up. All language definitions for proper menu generation on non-english systems have been updated, as well as php.lang.

            Recent comments

            29 Nov 2001 02:46 Stalione

            Freshmeat search results
            I just wanted the Glimmer team to know that you guys have done a great job. I used glimmer a while back (RH6.1) and absolutely loved it. But then after a long time of abscence form the community when i got back and installed RH7.2 I noticed glimmer was no longer a standard install. Well anyway my point is that i did a search on freshmeat for "HTML editors, PHP editors, editors" etc and went through all the results but never saw glimmer (i did this cause I had forgotten the name). Maybe you guys might wanna specify that in the description so it turns up during search results.


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