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Release Notes: glibc's RPC implementation was obsoleted in favor of TI-RPC, but still allows existing programs to run. The new Linux interfaces clock_adjtime, name_to_handle_at, open_by_handle_at, syncfs, setns, and sendmmsg were added. New locales os_RU, bem_ZA, en_ZA, ff_SN, sw_KE, sw_TZ, lb_LU, wae_CH, yue_HK, lij_IT, and mhr_RU were added. New encodings CP770, CP771, CP772, CP773, and CP774 were added. A new program called sotruss was added to allow tracing calls through PLTs. The malloc hook implementation, which never worked since the introduction of threads, was marked as deprecated. Many bugs were fixed.

Release Notes: New Linux interfaces prlimit, prlimit64, fanotify_init, and fanotify_mark were added. POWER7 optimizations were made for memset, memcmp, and strncmp. New optimized string functions were implemented for x86-64: strnlen (utilizing SSE2), strcasecmp (utilizing SSE2, SSSE3, SSE4.2), strncasecmp (utilizing SSE2, SSSE3, SSE4.2). Many minor bugs were fixed.

Release Notes: New interfaces pthread_getname_np and pthread_setname_np have been added, and the new Linux interface recvmmsg has been added. STT_GNU_IFUNC has been implemented for SPARC. The dynamic linker now recognizes supported ABI versions from the EI_ABIVERSION field in the ELF header. A new NIS mode selector ADJUNCT_AS_SHADOW, useful for some installations involving Solaris, has been implemented. Three new locales have been added. A large number of bugs and internal improvements have been made.

Release Notes: New interfaces execvpe, pthread_sigqueue, mkstemps, mkstemps64, mkostemps, and mkostemps64 were added. Many optimized string functions for x86 and x86-64 were implemented. A second fallback mode for optimized DNS lookup for even more broken environments was implemented. Several other enhancements were made. Two new locales were added.

Release Notes: Several new interfaces were added. Faster strlen(), strchr(), strchrnul(), strrchr(), memchr(), and rawmemchr() functions were implemented for x86-64. The malloc implementation can be compiled to be less memory efficient but with higher performance in multi-threaded programs. A compile error for invalid C++ code when using the string function was resolved. Support for selecting between multiple function definitions at runtime was added. The libcrypt library can now use the hash function implementations in NSS. Two new locales were added.

  •  16 Feb 2001 12:36

Release Notes: Header cleanups, use of the tool in the conform/ subdir, regex correctly handles multibyte character sets, iconv conforms to the upcoming XPG6 and handles charmaps, and the locale program provides detailed information about the installed locales.


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