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  •  20 Apr 2005 08:06

No changes have been submitted for this release.

  •  20 Nov 2004 01:35

Release Notes: This release provided better support for the dynamic linker and faster regular expressions in multi-byte locales, and supports non-executable stacks on x86.

  •  28 Aug 2001 11:28

Release Notes: More 128-bit long double functions were implemented. All the code handling Unicode in some form was updated to support Unicode 3.1. The speed of regex for single-byte locales is back to its previous levels. Alpha, SPARC, and IA-64 are now also using floating stacks. The startup time of internationalized applications was greatly improved through the use of an iconv cache. iconvconfig is used to generate the cache file. The IA-64 specific part of was rewritten to eliminate some pretty severe performance problems.

  •  07 May 2001 09:53

Release Notes: Intel's IA-64 math library is largely integrated. It provides fast and accurate implementatations for most basic and standard math functions in float, double, and long double format. j0, j1, jn, y0, y1, yn, lgamma, erf, erfc, and asin were implemented for the 96-bit long double format, and asin, log, tan were implemented for the 128-bit long double format. The beginning of a last-bit accurate math library was started. The basic double functions exist today. An asynchronous name lookup library with an interface modeled after POSIX AIO was added. Ports to S390/64bit and Linux/CRIS were contributed. The RPC code is now thread-safe. Threads can now use the same service of different services at the same time. The setcontext family of functions was implemented for Linux/x86, Linux/IA-64, and for Linux/S390.


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