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Version 2.7.4 of GLFW

Release Notes: This release adds bugfixes for a few minor issues in 2.7.3, most notably the missing -lrt on X11 and removal of the non-interactive menu bar created by glfwInit on Mac OS X.

Other releases

  •  16 Jun 2013 13:31

Release Notes: This release removes deprecated features and adds a new API supporting multiple windows and monitors, sRGB, robustness, OpenGL ES, high-DPI, gamma ramps, callbacks for more events, clipboard text I/O, an error description callback, layout-independent keyboard input, UTF-8 for all strings, and more.

  •  06 Jun 2013 22:36

Release Notes: This release adds fixes for multiple cursor motion bugs on Windows and fixes support for the LFLAGS environment variable on OS X.

  •  06 Apr 2013 09:42

Release Notes: This release fixed a few minor bugs on each platform, most notably the flashing window on Windows and a workaround for a bug in Mesa 9.x.

  •  10 Nov 2012 01:26

Release Notes: This release adds fixes for a few minor bugs on each platform, support for more swap interval methods on X11, and Visual C++ 2012 project files.

  •  03 Jul 2012 23:21

Release Notes: This release adds support for joysticks on Mac OS X, a graphical joystick test, support for 64-bit builds using MinGW-w64, and fixes for a number of (primarily input) bugs.


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