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Gld is a standalone greylisting server for Postfix. It listen on a TCP port and uses MySQL for storing data. The server supports whitelists based on sender, sender_domain, and client_ip. It also supports light greylisting and DNS white lists.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  01 May 2006 21:09

    Release Notes: The KEEPDBOPEN option has been removed, as it could lead to multiple instance of gld running when mail traffic is low, and thus father process MySQL connection timeouts.

    •  16 Sep 2005 13:16

      Release Notes: This release fixes a minor flaw in the MXGREY algorithm and adds a Training mode. You can now configure MXGREY to consider an IP as a safe MX after X successful greylists, instead of only one. gld now updates the counters only when mail is not greylisted. If gld cannot connect to a MySQL server on startup, it will not refuse to run anymore, but will set keepdbopen to 0 and accept to run.

      •  21 Apr 2005 10:45

        Release Notes: Fixed a bug in the new MXGREY algorithm.

        •  13 Apr 2005 10:07

          Release Notes: This release fixes possible buffer overflows, and adds psql support and some new features.

          •  19 Aug 2004 13:55

            Release Notes: The USER and GROUP parameters were added to allow running gl as a specific user/group instead of root. The LIGHTGREYDOMAIN parameter was added for greylisting on domains. The CLIENTS parameter was added to restrict clients allowed to connect to gld.


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