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  •  21 Oct 2002 09:47

Release Notes: A new weapon that can destroy volcanos was added. New models were added. Capsules of invulnerability are available. New 3D special effects were added. A sound overload bug was fixed. The level of details can now be modified and configuration is saved. A new board was designed. A bug with tanks was fixed so that they really attack. Many other bugs were fixed. Many gameplay enhancements were made.

  •  29 Aug 2002 09:10

    Release Notes: configure now checks for a good GL/glext.h before compiling. "make install" now works.

    •  27 Aug 2002 08:07

    Release Notes: The EXT_texture_env_dot3 extension is now used to draw the floor on Radeon cards (and other cards that support this). The bug that filled the screen with INVALID_OPERAND on Radeons under Windows was fixed, along with another display problem. A real font is now used instead of glBitMap. A benchmark was added, along with menu options, new keys ([L CTRL] and [SPACE]), and a smarter auto-fire. A link problem on some non-Nvidia Linux configurations was fixed, and ./configure now really works.

    •  19 Aug 2002 09:07

    Release Notes: This version is a complete rewrite. A Windows version is now available. A vertex program and register combiner for GeForce cards has been implemented. Shadows on the floor are now drawn if the video card has a stencil buffer and is using a 32-bit color depth. Seven power-ups, which look like red diamonds, were added. A new, clearer C++ main structure is now used.

    •  17 Apr 2001 14:23

    Release Notes: The presentation message now appears with i81x 3D hardware. Enemies can now be damaged by the "airstrikes". Glaxium is now fully packagable: ./configure now accepts --prefix, --bindir and --mandir. A man page, glaxium.6, has been added.

    •  26 Mar 2001 05:17

    Release Notes: This release now properly installs things to the right place, includes a fix for non-azerty keyboards, and a fix for a bug that caused a crashed once the game was installed.

    •  02 Mar 2001 12:50

    Release Notes: A bug that prevented the program from compiling when libmikmod was not installed was fixed. It is now possible to control the number of tanks in the game at the same time.

    •  27 Feb 2001 18:14

    Release Notes: Renaming to Glaxium, autoconfo support, use of SDL (1.1.5+) and joystick if available, fullscreen support, use of SDL_mixer if mikmod is not found, a new 3DStudio script that allows you to import 3DS models into OpenGL programs, a new graphic design, nicer and faster explosions, removal of the ugly maroon special weapon, powerups in some cubes, new sounds, bugfixes, and a code cleanup.

    •  30 Jan 2001 06:12

      Release Notes: A splash screen, PNG-formatted textures able to manage alpha channel, new sprites, use of mikmod for the sounds, a soundtrack, some samples (3D effect), GPL licensing, and bugfixes.


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